B. Creating Hyperlinks to Bookmarks within your ebook

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Bookmarks are a great way to quickly get your reader from one part of your book to another.

1.   Put the cursor on the page you want your readers to quickly get to. Let’s say it’s the Lions page in chapter 3.

2.   On the Insert Tab go to the Bookmark icon (it might be just a word).

3. In the Bookmark name box, type in LionsPage (no spaces between words, LionsPage).

4.   Left click on Add.

5.   Now let’s say in Chapter 5 you want to reference the Lions Page in Chapter 3. To create the hyperlink, select (highlight) the entire word you want hyperlinked.

6. Go to the Insert tab and left click on Hyperlink.

7.   Under Bookmarks left click on LionsPage. This will create a link between the bookmark you created in Chapter 3, and the newly created hyperlink in Chapter 5.


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