B. Uploading your book to BN (for Nook) and downloading an ePub version of your ebook.

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You’ll follow a very similar set of steps to upload to Barnes & Noble. The website is:


The Barnes & Noble nook ‘previewer’ that pops up after you upload your file is necessarily a 100% accurate representation of what your nook book will look like. Instead, it recommends you download the epub file and preview it on your PC or Mac reader. I also don’t see why you couldn’t also load that same epub file up on your nook (if you own one). This video should help you understand further:

Upload the same .doc file as you uploaded to Amazon, it’ll convert the exact same to the epub format for nook. After you uploaded it to BN, you even have the option to download an epub version of your book! In fact, if want to create an iBooks ready file, you’ll need to first download the epub file from BN.

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