Creating a ‘Paste Unformatted’ Keyboard Shortcut

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If you’ve been using the template for awhile, you’ve probably realized how helpful it is to use the Paste Unformatted technique to keep your book clean and gremlin-free.

If you are doing a lot of copy & pasting, the process of using the drop down from the Paste button is not the most efficient way.  Instead, create a macro and then a keyboard shortcut.  No matter which version of word you are on, this is a pretty simple process.

Just follow the instructions Microsoft has listed here that explains how to create the macro and then assign a shortcut.  The screenshots below should help fill in some important  gaps Microsoft leaves out:

Step 1: Enable the 'Developer' Ribbon Bar

Step 2

Step 3: Be sure to select the Global Template

Step 4: Paste the macro code from the Microsoft help page

Step 5: Close & Return to Word (No Save necessary)

Step 6: Setup the Keyboard Shortcut (Word Options - accessible from the Ball in the upper left hand corner)

Step 7: Assign the shortcut you want to use (I use Ctrl-Q) for the 'Paste Unformatted' shortcut!






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