F. Creating a Print-Ready version of your File (for Lightning Source, CreateSpace, Snowfall, etc…)

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I hope you agree with me that this makes your purchase incredibly more valuable!  There will always be people who don’t own eReaders or prefer to read your book in print.  Although it will probably be a small percentage – as we typically outsell our print books 3-to-1.  But for those who do want your book in print, you can charge a higher price – I recommend $15 USD for most books under 250 pages.  Also, we have found that we sell more ebooks for our titles that also have a print editions available on Amazon, as compared to our titles that are ebooks only.

I will show you below how to make a few minor modifications that will turn your ebook file into a print-ready file, suitable for uploading directly to any printer!  I’ve already used this template file to create files for Lightning Source and Snowfall Press, and will be doing a test upload to CreateSpace shortly.

Keep in mind, there are a few additional costs to keep in mind when you decide to take your book into print.

  1. If you want to make it available on Amazon, you will need an ISBN number. I can provide one to you for $45 USD, or you can purchase one from MyIdentifiers.com.
  2. You will need an experienced graphic designer prepare your cover file with a back cover and the correct spine width, per the printers specifications or cover template (if you need one, contact me).
  3. You’ll likely need to make a few tweaks in regards to page breaks and paragraph spacing
  4. Any hyperlinks and references to your ‘ebook’ will need to be modified accordingly.

But the good news is that if you’ve used our template to build your book, the work is 99% done.  The changes I will walk you through entail:

  • Increasing the left margin to account to include a gutter (so that the text is correctly offset to accommodate binding)
  • Setting it up for the proper physical book size – usually 6×9, but 5.5×8.5 is also a popular option, and many printers offer the option for 8.5×11.
  • Swapping out the Table of Contents to add page numbers
  • Adjusting image sizes and resolutions (note: most printers will recommend 300 DPI, but can support any resolution above 72 DPI).

By doing this work yourself, you will literally save $500-$1500 ! As someone who has been working publishing for several years, that’s the going rate for decent interior book designers.


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