G. Creating Chapter Headings and using the ToC

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REMEMBER – DO NOT manually type anything directly onto the ToC page, always create your Chapter Headings first, then, go to the ToC page. and Update Field.

Any chapter headings or sub-chapter headings automatically appear in the table of contents (ToC) when you ‘update’ it. If there is a Chapter Heading you do not want in the ToC, then you should use one of the Title Styles.

Important: You cannot inserted anything (text or images) above the Chapter Headings, and the chapter headings need to always remain on a single line (don’t try to force a line break within a Heading).

The correct use of the Table of Contents (ToC) is an important concept to grasp. This is one of the biggest challenges publishers have who do not use our template.

  • The ToC is dynamically linked to each Heading 1 & Heading 2 style
  • To update the ToC, you need to click anywhere within the ToC until you see a gray background, then right click ‘Update Field’ – any Heading 1 & 2’s will automatically be brought into the ToC.

Updating the Table of Contents

  • The ToC is hyperlinked to each chapter.
  • The bookmark ‘TOC’ should be added to the Table of Contents if it’s not showing up in the correctly eReaders navigation bar.

This can be an very helpful tool as you in the process of writing your book, and will  help the reader understand the structure of your book. Many people do make a buy decision based on what they see in the ToC!

If your Chapters are not showing up in the ToC:

  1. Go to the line where your chapter title exists.  Select the style Heading 1 (or Heading 2 if it’s a sub-chapter).
  2. Go to the ToC page (you can wait to do this till you have updated several chapter headers)
  3. Select anywhere within the ToC (you need to have see the background turn gray)
  4. Right Click.
  5. Left click on Update Field.
  6. Left Click on “ok”.

To return to the chapter you were just working on:

  1. In the ToC put your cursor on the chapter title.
  2. Press and hold down your “Ctrl key”
  3. Left Click


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  1. Alan Boyer
    Sep 02, 2013

    I have uploaded a copy of my ebook to my Kindle to view.
    I see that the Level 1, and Level 2 headings appear in the TOC, but no Level 3 headings.
    Is there a way to get Level 3 heading, or even lower, to show up in the TOC?


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