B. How to Clear all Formatting When Copying & Pasting from Other Sources

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Because of the many different versions of desktop publishing, potential formatting problems could arise when using the ePub Template. You might need to copy and paste directly from different sources (i.e. other Word files, PDF, or even a website). But don’t worry; because we are going to show you below how to work with any source that you might copy from.

To avoid undesirable results because of copying and pasting, we highly recommend you remove all formatting BEFORE you paste into the template. Here’s the recommended sequence:

  • Highlight the text from your original source that you want to paste into your new e-book.
  • Go to the ePub template word file where you are creating your book.
  • Place your cursor at the point where you want to paste the copied text into your epub book.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • In the Styles sub-section, drop down the Styles menu. Select one of the following styles (It is very important that you select a style before you paste into the epub template containing your book). Here are some of the more common styles used:
    • e-indent-no-space The line is indented but does not include a space between paragraphs.
    • e-indent-with-space The line is indented and does include a space between paragraphs.
    • e-no-indent-no-space The line is not indented, and does not create a space between paragraphs.
    • e-no-indent-with-space The line is not indented, but does create a space between paragraphs.
  • Double check to make sure the correct style has been applied.
  • Go to the Home Tab.
  • Left click and drop down the Paste menu.
  • Left click on Paste Special.

  • Left click on ‘Unformatted Text

  • Left click on the ‘OK’ button.

Quick ‘Reset’ Formatting Tip: Ctrl-Spacebar

Another technique you can try that often resolves formatting issues is to clear formatting using a keyboard combo of: Ctrl+Spacebar. Highlight the text you want the formatting stripped out of, and hit Ctrl+Spacebar.

Note: On the Mac, use the menu: Edit.. Clear.. Clear Formatting.

More techniques to clear formatting:

  • Use a program like Puretext (it’s free) but only runs on the PC. If you are mac user, Text Wrangler (also free) is a great tool to use if you need to clear formatting.
  • Setup a Paste Unformatted shortcut by creating a Paste Unformatted Macro. See directions here.


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