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Here’s the process to insert your book cover into the template file:

  1. Go to Page One in the Template
  2. Left click your cursor inside the box that has the Epub picture.
  3. On the ribbon, left click on the Insert tab. Left click on the Picture icon. Find your book cover, the cover should be a jpeg file and be at least 600×800 pixels. To check your image size, do the following:
    • > Right click on your image
    • > Left click on Edit.
    • > Left click on resize.
    • > In the pixel box type in 600×800.
    • > Left click OK.
  4. If you want your Book Cover to be the first page readers see when opening your book.
    • > Click on the bottom left hand side of you image.
    • > On the ribbon, left click on the Insert tab, in the Links section left click on Bookmark.
    • > A window will pop up, your cursor will be flashing in the small box, type in the word start and then left click on Add. This page will open up each time the reader opens your book.
  5. If you want a different start page, repeat the above directions on the page you want readers to see every time they access your book. Some authors like to Bookmark the TOC with start.
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