A. Uploading Your Book to Amazon (for Kindle)

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Note: If you own a Kindle device, you can send it directly to your Kindle to proof how it looks.  Follow the directions here.


After you have finished your book, it’s vitally important that you save in the .doc (Word 97-2003) format. Next:

If you haven’t already, create an account at https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin

  • Under the Bookshelf page, click on Add New Title.

Fill in the information required:

  • The Description box is where you reel in your readers. The description is the second area the potential buyer reads. The first area is the book reviews. So make your description very enticing.
  • You must fill in the Add Contributors button (ie. Author).
  • Verify Your Publishing Rights…
  • You must complete Add Categories and select your primary and secondary categories.
  • Keywords are very important. When a reader starts looking for books the first thing they do is type in the “keywords” of the type of book they are looking to buy. So pick your keywords carefully.
  • Left click on Browse for Image button, and left click on your book image.
  • Upload your Book File, DRM is a personal choice, read the description and make a choice.

Finally, to upload your book, left click on Browse for Book. It might take a few minutes top upload. Did you remember to save your file in .doc format? I also suggest you close the file before you upload it.

You can then ‘preview’ your Kindle book.

Notes about limitations of the Kindle ‘Preview’: You cannot click on any of the hyperlinks (although they will be linked as long as they are shown underlined), and the wide margins aren’t correct (there will be a small margin on the Kindle reader). If you want to see an exact representation of your file on a Kindle, you will need access to a Kindle, and you will need to email it to the device per the instructions from Amazon.  They will do the conversion of the .doc file before it arrives to the Kindle.


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