Using Libre Office to optimize your pictures

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Here’s a tutorial that’ll walk you through a technique I use to create more predictable results when inserting pictures.  In involves using Libre Office Draw (a free download) and this picture template (which requires Libre Office or Open Office to open).

After you have the software installed and have downloaded the picture template, watch this video tutorial.

You’ll see how to use the Libre Office Draw template to create beautiful pictures in your ebook (The demo shows the open office template in use, but it works the same way with the word template).

*Note: If you’ve heard of Open Office before, Libre Office is the new incarnation of it.  It’s going to look very familiar if you’ve ever used Open Office before. If you already have Open Office installed, the template will work fine with Open Office Draw as well so you don’t need to download Libre Office.

PS: There’s a great Pixel to Inches conversion tool here.

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