A. Saving Your Template and Creating a New File for Your Own eBook

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Note: If you would prefer to hire someone to help you get your book formatted into the ePub Template (which you can then edit and upload yourself), we have resources available to assist you. Contact us to learn more. Our trained experts will work with your files to reapply all the correct formatting to make it compliant and ready for ebook publishing.

A detailed (step-by-step) explanation of how to save the template file:

Step 1… You need to create a folder on your desktop and call it ePub. To create a folder, do the following:

  1. Right click on your desktop.
  2. Left click on new.
  3. Left click on folder.
  4. Type in the word ePub.
  5. Press the Enter button on the keyboard.

Step 2… To save the ePub Template that you just purchased into the ePub folder you just created, do the following:

  1. Find the ePub Template you just downloaded (it’ll will likely be in your user/downloads folder).
  2. Copy the .dot (epub template) to your ePub folder.
  3. Go into your epub folder (which you just created on the desktop).
  4. Double-click on on epubtemplate  (.dot) file. It will open a new .doc file in word. This is your new eBook file (based on the epub template).
  5. In the Save As Type box, drop down the menu and select Word 97-2003 Document, (Don’t confuse Word 97-2003 Template with Word 97-2003 Document).
  6. Name your file (ie. your book title), left click on Save.

Step 3… When you need to create another ebook:

  1. Open  your ePub folder (which you created on your desktop).
  2. Double click on the epubtemplate (.dot) file.
  3. In the Save As Type box, drop down the menu and select Word 97-2003 Document. (Again, don’t accidentally choose Word 97-2003 Template).
  4. In the File Name box, insert your Book Title.
  5. Now, you have began a new ebook file.

And now your ready to get started with formatting!

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