D. Creating a Smashwords Compatible Version of your File

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I know that some of you will want to publish your ebook through Smashwords.  I’m not a fan of smashwords for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that you only need to make a few modifications to make the epub template file smashwords-ready! Note: If you are reside outside the USA and are unable to create accounts with the major marketplaces (ie. Amazon, BN, Apple) – then Smashwords may in fact be your only way to publish to those marketplaces.

Modify the Word .doc you’ve created from the epubtemplate as follows:

  1. Modify the copyright page as shown:
    • Line 1: Title
    • Line 2: Copyright 2012 (Author Name)
    • Line 3: Smashwords Edition
  2. Save under a new filename (YourTitle-Smashwords.doc)
  3. Copy and paste the Table of Contents into notepad, delete the old Table of Contents (that is hyperlinked), and paste the table of contents from notepad into your table of contents page (in your new smashwords-version .doc)
  4. Manually create bookmarks for each chapter
  5. Hyperlink the TOC to each chapter
  6. Delete the bookmark ‘toc’
  7. Insert a bookmark in front of the Table of Contents heading called “ref_TOC” (without the quotes)
  8. Delete all the hidden bookmarks
  9. Save as .doc and close your file

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