D. The Basics… Exploring the Microsoft Ribbon Bar

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Please Do Not Skip This Tutorial

The Basics will give you an important understanding of how Microsoft Word works and how to correctly use certain features in Microsoft Word that you may or may not be acquainted with; we want you to get the most from the epub template.

At the top of the page where you see File, Insert, Page Layout, etc. is called theRibbon. Each of these tabs also has a sub-section at the bottom of the ribbon, Clipboard, Font, Paragraph. and also where you see a little box with an arrow in it, is a drop down menu. You will be using some of the features repetitively. Some of the more commonly used features are:

1. Under the Home tab in the paragraph section there is an icon that looks like a backwards “P”. This has three names. It is called a paragraph marker, a carriage return, and when you click on it (yellow color) it is called Show/Hide. You will want to keep this feature on while creating or cut and pasting your book into the Template. It shows you how many spaces you have between letters and paragraphs. Once you get use to using it, you will find it’s a great tool.

2. Under the Home tab in the Styles section below the big double “A” icon there is a small box with an arrow in it. When you click on this box a Styles Menu drops down. You will be using the Styles Menu frequently:

3. In the Page Layout tab in the Paragraph Sub-Section, you will see Spacing and the Before and After commands, you will be using this feature instead of creating space between your lines with the “Enter” button.


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