Why aren’t images or page breaks showing up correctly on the nook previewer?

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A few of you have been trying to work around what you perceive as problems when you upload your file to the nook.  But if you take a close look at the nook previewer, you will read the following:

“Please Note: This preview may not display images or pagebreaks exactly as a NOOK will; if you want a more complete overview of your title, please download your converted ePub and view it in our NOOK for PC eReading software.”

You can download the .epub file and then open it with the Nook app.  I’ll try to create a video to walk through the procedure – but I believe you can just drag and drop the file into the nook reader on your PC/Mac – at least you used to be able to do it that way.  Otherwise try ‘Open With’ and select the Nook app from your file explorer.

I hope that helps reassure you that your file will still look as intended. If you want to be sure, download the epub and send it to a friend that has a nook.


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